Thursday, July 24, 2008

High time for rent control in PDX - Portland State Students for Rent Control and Housing Fairness


I for one am sick of skyrocketing rental rates in the Portland Area. On average, an off campus apatment (1 bedroom) costs about $650 in Portland. Part of the problem here is the 3 major property owners in the Portland area, namely American Property management, Princeton and Agressive. I suspect there is a little bit of a trust aggreement going on here to keep rental prices high in Portland. They dominate nearly all the apartment market in PDX (There are not that many indepenent landlords in PDX these days) Not only that, but all of the property owners have a 3 year eviction-free history policy. That means that if you screw up once, you are on the streets. How's that for a gentlemens' agreement. Something definitely stinks here in PDX and it is not the trash in the dumpsters or the shit in the sewers. The stench comes from City Hall and Salem where these greedy fucktards tilt the playing field in favor of the landlords' favor and stacks the deck against the renter.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The landlords in Portland are not only driving up the cost of living here but they are vampires, sucking the life blood out of this community. I am a Portland State University student and this issue has been discussed many times, including during the ASPSU elections last spring. This blatent act on the part of the landlords to gouge the renters of Portland is contributing to homelessness in Portland.

We as students and as a community at large need to challenge the status-quo (Yep, this shitty Republican corporate crap going on in PDX) and get together for change.

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