Sunday, January 27, 2008

Abortion - The Silent Scream

I want to make a stand here. Abortion is murder. It is the murder of innocent children who have no voice. These unborn children do have rights though, and thier rights supercede the right of a woman to go get her unborn child vaccumed and utterly torn from her uterus. There are ultrasound clips of the baby trying to move away from the cold, steel instruments of the abortionist. If you look carefully, you will see an expression on the face of the unborn child screaming as it's little body is being torn asunder and sucked out of the uterus of the mother. This is called the "silent scream." Only a cold-blooded callous evil woman would go in to have this done to her own child. I used to be pro-choice until I met a friend that was not wanted by her father. He wanted her aborted and when he did not get his way, he daily verbally degraded and abused and isolated my friend for 19 years of her life. This friend of mine led me to faith in Jesus Christ. Here are some videos of the "silent scream." These films expose abortion for the horror it really is.