Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robin Hood in the Digital Age

If Robin Hood was still hanging around in the 21st Century, he would be still stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. He would be a master computer hacker and could be anywhere on the planet that has an Internet connection. He would know about all access codes and security protocols, including military ones, since he has been hacking into this stuff since he was a kid. His domain would be He could be anywhere, including any coffee house with free wifi. He could be doing his hacking from an airport or a train station, anywhere in the world, right from his laptop. It would be impossible to catch him.

Robin Hood would break into corporate, bank and stock market computers and steal money from the accounts of filthy rich people like the Queen of England, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Oprah Winferym as well as others and relocate the funds into the bank accounts of poor shmucks like us. The authorities would not know who did it, nor would they be able to trace Robin Hood through any IP address. All they would see is "" on the system log. He would run Linux so his personal data on his computer would be secure.

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